New Rules for Recalling Misdemeanor Warrants in Victorville Court

The Victorville Courthouse has recently changed their rules for reserving court dates. Traditionally a person could recall a warrant for a felony or misdemeanor the same day they “walk the case in” as long as you arrived at the criminal window prior to 8 a.m. Now, a defendant must reserve a court date to have a misdemeanor warrant recalled. The same day rules for recalling a felony still apply. I recently recalled a misdemeanor warrant in court and was given a calendar date about 10 court days out. What this means is that even though you place yourself on calendar in court, you can still be arrested by the police until that warrant is recalled. This court policy will increase the possibility that defendants will be picked up on a misdemeanor warrant because the warrant time will be extended between the dates the defendant goes into court and the actual date that the warrant is recalled.
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