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Being arrested for a drug crime in California is a serious offense that requires defense from a highly skilled legal professional. When your rights and liberties are hanging in the balance, you should look no further than the Law Offices of Brian E. Skibby – we are available to provide round-the-clock legal services for any emergency situation.

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Drug Crimes We Defend in California

Whether you’ve been arrested for a minor offense or a large-scale drug charge, there is a chance that you may be facing heavy fines and significant jail time. As a Rancho Cucamonga drug crime lawyer, Attorney Skibby has the experience and insight necessary to scrutinize every aspect of your case and fight the evidence presented against you. When facing the possibility of serious and life-altering penalties, the best thing you can do for yourself is to secure diligent representation that will work tirelessly to safeguard your future.

Types of Drug Charges We Handle:

Simple Possession vs Possession with Intent in California

Simple possession refers to the act of having illegal drugs in one's possession for personal use. It typically involves the individual having control or custody over a controlled substance without any apparent intention to distribute or sell it. Simple possession is considered a less serious offense compared to possession with intent.

In California, simple possession is generally charged as a misdemeanor, but it can be elevated to a felony if certain conditions are met. The penalties for simple possession may include fines, probation, mandatory drug education or treatment programs, and potential imprisonment for up to one year.

On the other hand, possession with intent, also known as possession for sale or possession with the intent to distribute, involves the possession of illegal drugs with the purpose of selling, distributing, or otherwise transferring them to others. It signifies a higher level of involvement in the drug trade and carries more severe penalties than simple possession.

To establish possession with intent in California, the prosecution needs to prove that the defendant's intention to sell or distribute the drugs. This evidence may include large quantities of drugs, packaging materials, scales, weapons, large amounts of cash, or communication records indicating drug transactions.

Possession with intent is typically charged as a felony offense. The penalties vary based on factors such as the type and quantity of drugs involved, prior convictions, and other aggravating circumstances.

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There are few things more terrifying than being arrested for a serious crime. At the Law Offices of Brian E. Skibby, our Rancho Cucamonga drug crime attorney is more than qualified and capable to fight for your future. Because our firm believes that each of our clients is deserving of the strongest defense possible, Attorney Skibby offers affordable payment plans to accommodate virtually any budget. Take the first step and put your trust in our trial-tested counsel today.

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