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If the charges are serious, then the minor is housed in juvenile hall. If the case is a property offense or a minor allegation, then the minor is released to their parents. In most situations, the following proceedings are totally confidential and not open to the public. Only the minor’s immediate family and the attorneys are allowed at the proceedings.

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California Juvenile Court Process

Here are a few things you can expect from the juvenile court process:

  • Jury trials are not allowed.
  • There are more open rules about the use of hearsay and other evidentiary rules so that trials are not as technical.
  • There is an arraignment for the minor, just as for adults, called a pre-hearing.
  • A jurisdictional hearing or detention hearing (trial and bail hearing) are also held.

If a minor is convicted or a petition is sustained, they can be sent home on probation; sent to a placement, which can be a boy’s home, ranch, camp, or foster care; or they can be sent to the California Youth Authority, which is state prison for minors. Whatever the specifics of your case, Rancho Cucamonga juvenile defense lawyer Brian Skibby has the determination, qualifications, and experience to help you reduce a charge and sentence’s effect on your future, and may even be able to refute the charges altogether.

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The juvenile justice system is very different from the criminal justice system, mainly because the primary focus is to rehabilitate rather than punish the accused minor. In recent years, the courts have been slowly reducing the age requirements to prosecute minors as adults. If you are accused, Brian E, Skibby is here for you, prepared to keep your case in the juvenile system and to vigorously defend your future. Mr. Skibby has worked as both a prosecutor and defender for juvenile cases, giving him a unique viewpoint on how the system works.

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