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Brian E. Skibby


Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Attorney

Discover what makes the Law Offices Of Brian E. Skibby, a private law practice located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, the right choice for your case. The key is Mr. Skibby himself, who is a pillar of the local legal community and has worked on every kind of case from felonies to juvenile cases to DUI and DMV issues.

Mission Statement

“The Law Offices of Brian E. Skibby were established for the purpose of providing superior legal representation while keeping clients well informed. In the hundreds of cases that I have defended, I have learned that two chief principles must be reached in order to be successful. First, an attorney must have a strong and solid knowledge of the pertinent laws. Second, that attorney must maintain a close relationship with his client so that every avenue is explored and no rock goes unturned. I promise to strive and achieve these two principles when representing you.”

Brian E. Skibby

Mr. Skibby graduated from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. He worked for the largest criminal law firm in Southern California for over four years, defending those faced with crimes, DMV matters, and juvenile cases.

Going into private practice has allowed him to better direct his energies while serving his clients. He has been practicing criminal law for more than 25 years. Over the course of dozens of felony and misdemeanor trials and literally hundreds of court trials including juvenile trials, he has successfully and effectively represented more than 2,000 adult and minor clients charged with crimes.


  • Stellar Reputation with Local Judges, District Attorneys, Probation & Ancillary Social Programs
  • Appointed by the Court to Serious or Highly Complicated & by Superior Court Judges to Handle over a Hundred Appointed Cases in Both Criminal & Juvenile Law
  • Member of the San Bernardino Bar Association & Volunteer in Parolee’s Program
  • Published in a Recent Court of Appeal Decision Dealing with the New Proposition 36 Drug Program
  • Donated His Time by Judging High School Students Who Participate in the Inland Empire's Moot Court Program in Addition to Providing Pro Bono Services for Those in Need

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