Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney for Misdemeanor Case?

There are several obvious reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney for a misdemeanor case. The first is that you want your attorney to concentrate more time on your case so that the charges can be dismissed, reduced, or settled in a timely fashion. The second is to ensure that the police and the district attorney are following the rules in prosecuting you. Third, you want the best chances to stay out of jail, keep your driver’s license or receive the least amount of probation, fines or terms of conditions.

Many people don’t know there are three not so obvious reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney for a misdemeanor case.

Avoid Appearing in Court

A criminal defense attorney can appear in court on their client’s behalf, in most cases, if they have advised their client of their rights and have a written waiver to present to the Judge. This can help you in three ways.

An Attorney can Save You Money

Imagine if you live out of state or in an area far away from the courthouse, a criminal attorney can appear without you making a long drive or booking a flight to appear in court. Some misdemeanor cases last months and if you could avoid multiple trips and the cost of appearing multiple times, hiring an attorney can save you money and the heartache of planning multiple visits.

Avoid Embarrassment

Even though people charged with crimes are innocent until proven guilty, the embarrassment that comes with appearing in court and going before a judge can be overwhelming. You can avoid that stigma by hiring counsel and having them fulfill the obligation of appearing in court for you.

An Attorney can Save You Time

Even if you live close by or can appear in court, the courts are very busy, with hundreds of people on the docket. In some court rooms family and friends cannot appear because seats are made available for defendant’s first. They don’t call it your hour in court, they call it your day in court. Most people are told to appear at 8:30 a.m. but cases go well into the afternoon, sometimes as late as 4:30 p.m. Attorneys know how to negotiate through these crowds while still defending you to the fullest.

These are just a few of the reasons my clients have expressed to me why hiring an attorney in a misdemeanor case offers them true value above and beyond fighting their case.
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