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At the Law Offices Of Brian E. Skibby, we understand that individuals accused of prostitution face serious legal consequences that can impact their personal and professional lives. If you need a Rancho Cucamonga prostitution lawyer, our dedicated team is here to provide you with the legal guidance and representation you deserve. With our in-depth knowledge of California's laws surrounding prostitution, we are committed to helping you navigate the complex legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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What is Prostitution?

Prostitution refers to sexual activities or services in exchange for money or goods. While it may seem straightforward, the legal definition of prostitution in California encompasses many activities. It includes not only engaging in sexual intercourse but also soliciting, arranging, or offering to engage in such activities. Furthermore, even loitering in a public place intending to engage in prostitution is considered a crime.

What are the Penalties for Prostitution in California?

California has strict laws and penalties regarding prostitution offenses. If you are found guilty of prostitution, the consequences can be severe and long-lasting. The penalties depend on the case's specific circumstances and whether it is your first or subsequent offense. Here are some of the potential penalties you may face:

  • Misdemeanor Offense: A first-time prostitution offense is typically charged as a misdemeanor. If convicted, you may face up to six months in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. Additionally, you may be required to participate in AIDS education and prevention programs.
  • Felony Offense: Subsequent prostitution offenses or offenses involving minors can be charged as felonies. Felony convictions carry more severe penalties, including imprisonment in state prison for up to three years and significant fines.
  • Registration as a Sex Offender: If you are convicted of prostitution-related offenses involving minors, you may be required to register as a sex offender. This registration can have far-reaching consequences, including restrictions on where you can live, work, or spend time.

Defenses Against Prostitution Charges

When facing prostitution charges, it is crucial to have a skilled and experienced Rancho Cucamonga prostitution lawyer who can analyze the specific details of your case and build a strong defense strategy. At the Law Offices Of Brian E. Skibby, we will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and develop a personalized defense tailored to your situation. Some common defenses against prostitution charges include:

  • Lack of Evidence: We will scrutinize the evidence presented against you, including witness statements, police reports, and any surveillance or audio recordings. We will challenge the prosecution's case if there are inconsistencies or insufficient evidence.
  • Entrapment: If law enforcement officials used tactics to entice or coerce you into engaging in prostitution that you would not have done otherwise, we can argue entrapment is a defense strategy.
  • Constitutional Violations: We will examine whether your constitutional rights were violated during your arrest, such as illegal search and seizure or Miranda rights violations. Any violation of your rights could result in the exclusion of evidence or even dismissal of your case.

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