The Rancho Cucamonga Court Remains the Most Convenient Court to Help the Public in San Bernardino County

The Rancho (West Valley) criminal courthouse has been very accommodating to the public during the Covid-19 Pandemic by holding hearings outside the court house. The San Bernardino Court house has also maintained outside court, but with fewer benefits. The intent was to keep people feeling safe outdoors while not being confined to a small court room as well as to handle a large calendar that would naturally occur after such a traumatic time. It is unknown how long outside Court will continue.

The Rancho Court has been the only courthouse in San Bernardino County to allow same day walk in cases which is very convenient to the public, if the matter can be handled immediately without having to return to court another day. Both Victorville and San Bernadino Court houses require setting an appearance from the court and then later having to come back another day to appear on the case. Both San Bernardino and Victorville allow the pubic to set up their hearing by telephone as well, but calling the court house still requires a good amount of time to accomplish this task. In Rancho Cucamonga, same day walk ins allows the public, in most instances, to only have to take off one day of work to appear and handle their court matters without having to return and miss another work day.

In addition, the Rancho Court has been open to recalling warrants and cases for the entire County saving the public the need to have to drive to Victorville, San Bernardino or other court houses to address their criminal cases.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that the Rancho Cucamonga Court continues to offer these conveniences to the public.

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